Automating Storage & Distribution of Inventory Throughout Your Facility

The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) offers an affordable and efficient way to store, distribute, and track inventory throughout your facility. VLMs promote just-in-time and lean manufacturing techniques with their goods-to-person feature that automatically delivers stored items to the operator, even through multiple floors. Now your WIP materials, parts, tools, maintenance equipment, and more can be stored at the point of use and are easily accessible.

Benefits of Automated Storage Solutions:

  • Improved workflow & productivity
  • Increased picking productivity by 80%
  • Increased picking accuracy by 99.9%
  • Integrated inventory tracking software with WMS/ERP
  • Eliminated stock-outs and overstocking
  • Secure inventory from unauthorized personnel
  • Deliver parts at waist-high ergonomic work counter
  • Carts for easy & safe extraction of storage trays

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